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Seeing the Unseen: Elliott + Associates Architects Remodel of ImageNet Carrollton

Seeing the Unseen: Elliott + Associates Architects Remodel of ImageNet Carrollton
Seeing the Unseen: Elliott + Associates Architects Remodel of ImageNet Carrollton

What was once the delivery dock is now a primary conference and presentation space.  On mild days the open doors expose the mysterious contents.

A “cloud” of pre-owned filing cabinets illuminated from within and suspended from the ceiling.  Recycled toner cartridges transformed into an inspiring celestial ceiling.  Formed foam packing repurposed as sculptural wall finishes, fingerprints of the copiers they once held.  Designed as a series of exhibits and experiences, Elliott + Associates envisioned the remodel at ImageNet Carrollton as an opportunity to create a visual narrative of who ImageNet is and the solutions that they provide.

A wall of recycled toner cartridges contrasts with nature. A single toner cartridge takes 450 years to decompose. Recycling 1 cartridge saves 3.6 lbs. of solid waste. Painted formed foam packing is reused as a sculptural wall finish. A statement about sustainability.

"With the notion of the paperless office, we were thinking about the waste generated by paper-based businesses, we were thinking about outflow." - Rand Elliott, FAIA

The 9,500 SF project features training, demo, and office spaces that clients can tour with the ImageNet team while discussing solutions for their business needs.  Exhibits designed by Rand Elliott + Michael Shuck focus on ImageNet’s core principles - information technology solutions, mitigating vulnerability, and reducing waste. Transitioning from a paper-based system to storing information digitally in the cloud can offer greater security against loss, while simultaneously reducing waste.  A wall of toner cartridges shows us the waste associated with printing today.  Each space becomes a powerful tool for client communication. 

30’ wide sliding doors separate the training room and café. Suspended recycled toner cartridges create a celestial ceiling in the training room and aluminum bubble wrap provides a glistening wall surface. The cafe showcases the new corporate color - oven-hot orange.

“A fascinating proposal that investigated the nature of narrative and the use of artifacts and color to create an environment” - Jury Comment , 2015 AIA Central States Region Design Competition

Selected for the cover of Interior Design's October 2015 issue and winner of the AIA Central States Region 2015 Honor Award, this unique project challenges us to rethink our relationship with waste. Visit the ImageNet project page for a detailed look at the concepts behind the design and the full image gallery.

The original delivery dock is transformed into a primary conference and presentation space.  A “cloud” made of pre-owned filing cabinets suspended from the ceiling represent the transition from paper-based systems to storing information digitally in the cloud.  
The main lobby poses the question “What will your solution be?”  You start your journey with a question and finish with a solution. Repurposed formed foam panels are a greeting for the administrative offices and a statement to the company’s commitment to recycling.  

The presentation space shows us a new world.  A black industrial curtain, reflective bubble mailers, and reflected light from 32 plasma screens take us to a very different place.  We are seeing the future.  

Project Team: 
Elliott + Associates Architects
Wallace Engineering
Lingo Construction Services
Contemporary Cabinets
Cantera Concrete Company

Terry Simons Construction and Plumbing

  E+A's ImageNet Carrollton project on the cover of Interior Design Magazine's October 2015 issue

The Architecture of Information: Rand Elliott connects the digital and physical at ImageNet

Article: Edie Cohen
Photography: Scott McDonald/Gray City Studios