Rand Elliott on First At Four

Jennifer Eve interviews Rand Elliott about how Elliott + Associates Architects has been honored with 5 International Architecture Awards from the Chicago Athenaeum. There were a total of 89 awards given worldwide, 12 awards given to projects in the United States, and out of those 12 awards five of them went to E+A. Those projects were Car Park One at Chesapeake, ImageNet at Oak Park (Houston), Gaylord Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum, Chesapeake Boathouse and POPS. The Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Awards is the only international architecture competition. The exhibition was held in Florence, Italy, and our own Miho Kolliopoulos attended. Also discussed on this show is the new project, Turbinomics which is an integration of vertical axis wind turbines into a building’s structure in the interstitial spandrel spaces located between floors. Motivated by an international skyscraper design competition, Elliott crafted the concept that would allow an office tower to be energy-efficient because it could generate some or all of its own power thanks to the wind. Renderings show an office tower with spinning turbines and a stainless steel exterior.

Congrats to everyone who helped design and build these great projects!