I have been writing poetry all of my life. In fact, I collect words and phrases that have been meaningful to me over the years. One day soon, I hope to publish a book about my collection of words named “Word Paintings.” As an architect I am required to verbalize the reasons why a project is planned or designed in a certain way. I find that ideas materialize, or can be inspired by, a single word or a phrase that best describes the intended outcome. Because verbalizing abstract ideas is so difficult, I often rely on poetry to communicate my emotions, visions and ideas about the places I am hoping to create. Often the poetry is conceived at the beginning of the project although it has “arrived” during the process and at the end as reflections looking back at the process. For whatever reason, poetry is a powerful connection that reflects Mies van der Rohe’s thought, “less is more.”

- Rand Elliott, FAIA