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Car Park One at Chesapeake
“An object lesson in looking for the positive in any architectural commission, this new-build parking structure set out: A) make it easy to remember where your car is, hence the color coding; and B) make it not seem like a familiar parking garage, hence its handsome facades. Simple, yes, but endlessly clever, too. Dressed in metal mesh to allow ventilation but not clear views of boring cars, this building looks way better than it should. Plenty of institutional buildings should be so lucky.” Editor, Hinge magazine, Hong Kong
Chesapeake Boathouse
"Oklahoma City is the essence of where rowing is going. The ideas that come from there we are adopting in our own association. Our sport is so traditional and where Oklahoma City is going is so different. The Chesapeake Boathouse is fantastic." Glenn Merry, Executive Director of USRowing
Chesapeake Fitness Center - East Addition
"The firm is earning a growing reputation for exciting, mature works that exhibit originality without overtly trying to make statements to that effect. It is one of the most interesting architecture offices currently operating in America, and this small project is further proof." - Review in HINGE magazine, Hong Kong.
“Traveling from my digs in New York to Route 66 in Oklahoma, I arrived expecting pleasant, flat land, but Rand Elliott’s work requires a steep architectural climb. And once to the top, where Rand will inevitably take you, do you realize the air is truly rarified.” Cindy Allen, Editor in Chief of Interior Design magazine regarding the induction of Rand Elliott into Interior Design’s 22nd Annual Hall of Fame
"This Oklahoma-based practice, led by Rand Elliott, has been making news far beyond its home-state flatlands. A series of evocative, intricately realized buildings by the firm span residential, commercial and institutional programs, but are linked by a very original approach to form, a thorough command of construction details and materials, and a dash of wit to temper all the wisdom. The buildings are exciting, precise, respectful yet often thrilling. Perhaps most of all, they touch on character traits that seem strongly American, tapping into a kind of cultural strain that makes them very much of their place and time. Clearly conversant in the vocabulary of modern architecture, Elliott leads rather than follows contemporary practice. He is no prisoner of trend or tendency, but rather engaged in a serious investigation into the possibilities of current conditions in his country. If this is the new American architecture, please bring on more." Editor, Hinge magazine, Hong Kong
ImageNet Oklahoma City
"This project really tells a story about graphics that are normally thought of in two dimensions, but it's been translated into a real 3D experience . . . lots of metaphors like the stacks of paper and the paper walls that blend with the graphics story and built into them is a rich layering of meanings from a number of perspectives . . . The whole story of the business is embedded in the design . . . The design IS the business." Comments from jury from the 2003 National AIA Honor Awards for Interior Architecture
K J McNitt Construction Company
"Any architect can do great work with a billion-dollar budget, but the true test of meaningful architecture is when small budgets, big ideas, unforgiving limitations and a unique place combine to become memorable and meaningful architecture. This is the ultimate test of creative ability." Comment from Joe Valerio, AIA, juror for AIA National Honor Awards in Architecture
"Rand Elliott and his team are significant contributors to the unprecedented optimism Oklahoma City is currently experiencing. His designs are giving to Oklahoma City architectural gems that I know we will treasure for decades to come." Mick Cornett, Mayor of Oklahoma City
"Elliott has taken the gas station, a building type that is rarely designed well, and given it a 21st century spin without destroying its character or enduring romantic appeal. The result is both clever and beautifully crafted, an homage to the past using the materials and technology of the future, as much a part of a dreamscape as a landscape." David Dillon, Architecture Critic from the Dallas Morning News
"Through all this architectural activity, Elliott + Associates has maintained a strong esprit de corps, always producing work of the highest caliber that provokes and delights. No one demands such excellence of them: they seek it as an expression of themselves and their clientele." Robert A. Ivy, FAIA, Editor in Chief, Architectural Record
The Underground
"So, so smart…it is such an exhilarating feeling to see the work of a designer that is 'just right'—light. That's it. It completely changes the desire to be there, makes it spectacle…makes it communal. Paint, carpet, and fluorescent strip lighting in most hands would be disastrous. Here it is used with wit, great power, and conviction. Excellent design does not have to be about expensive materials. This is a simple, clear, strong idea that is carried through beautifully."
Comments from jury for Contract magazine "Interiors" Awards
Will Rogers World Airport Snow Barn
"Adding imagination and ingenuity to standard economical building standards, the architects have orchestrated a beautiful, yet functional design. A luminous expression of the power of intelligence, creativity, and craft to create a structure that soars above the commonplace. It could have been done in a very ordinary, thoughtless way, and yet every single detail and every color and every structural connection here seems to have been thought out with great precision. The building is a very refreshing combination of structural members, colors, and it indicates what a very simple program can be turned into in the hands of a sophisticated architect." Comments from the Awards Ceremony from the 2003 National AIA Honor Awards for Architecture.