Chesapeake Boathouse named "The Best-Designed Building in Oklahoma" by Architectural Digest - May 2019

Rand Elliott Architects (formerly Elliott + Associates) adopted an O to represent being in Oklahoma, producing exciting, Original Architecture. The selection of Chesapeake Boathouse by ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST as the “Best-Designed Building” in our state reflects our O riginal O klahoma ideals.

The list includes Philip Johnson’s Glass House (CT), Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater (PA) and Talisen (WI), plus art museums by a Who’s Who of modern architects, from Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid to Rem Koolhaas. Classical buildings include Monticello (VA).

In April, Elliott + Associates Architects becomes Rand Elliott Architects, with the O as a reminder of our unique perspective – being in Oklahoma. And producing exciting, Original architecture.